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About The Band

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JPARIS has been rocking crowds from the East Coast To the West Coast since 1999. Playing the best covers and packing in large crowds in the best venues in the Mid Atlantic area, JPARIS has been making music and sharing it with fans and people all over the world. One of the biggest cover bands in the area, JPARIS also is proud of 4 full length albums, 2 of which have been released worldwide and are available on every streaming source known to man. JPARIS has had extensive radio play, has toured the country numerous times, and has had their music used in numerous TV shows and DVD releases, including Spellings "Beverly Hills 90210" Worldwide DVD release. Check us out and a venue and a streaming service near you! 

Check Out Our Un-released Song
'Mafia 911' Now


Jayce Gallagher

Lead singer, Lead guitars


Sean Goodwin

Lead and Rhythm guitars, keyboards, vocals


Rob Gallagher

Bass - Vocals


Mike Spiers

Drums - Vocals

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A Broad Fan Base

JParis has built a broad fan base in the region -- fans with the kind of devotion and enthusiasm usually reserved for major acts with mainstream support. For anyone who has ever been to a JParis show, it's easy to understand why. The energy and personality of JParis are contagious, and they connect with the audience unlike any other local band in recent memory


Finding success in the music industry is anything but easy, but they’ve managed to stay strong while overcoming personal and professional challenges. Being through so much together has only brought them closer, and their hope is to stay true to their main objective which is to make music they can be proud of.


Check Out Our Music

Check out JParis music as well as our set list for shows where we perform classic covers

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